With the holidays coming up we’re all excited to take a step back, relax, and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Whether you’re spending your holiday season with us at The Ranch, or elsewhere – but why would you? – the Holidays are just as much about appreciating the people around as they are about giving to those who need the most.

This season we’d like to share some of our favorite local projects that give back to the local communities: CREA, FunLimón, and Roberto Clemente Clinic.

CREA is an organization that focused on increasing literacy in the Limón and extended area by creating a library that provides local children access to books, computers and an internet connection. CREA also supplies books and other materials to schools and supports kids with tutoring and after-school homework help.   

FunLimón offers a wide range of professional courses and self-improvement opportunities to local youth. Providing everything from technical courses for electrical work, basic massage therapy, music, karate and English lessons among others. 

Last but not least Roberto Clemente Clinic, aims to improve the health and life of people living in the Limón area and extended rural communities. With the help of private donors and volunteers, the clinic can give medical care, ranging from emergency to lab work and access to medication at a very reduced cost.
All three organizations do some great work to help our neighbors in Limón 1 and 2 and are a wonderful opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation and help shape this community!

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